West Michigan Introduces our Furry Friend!

Merlin2INTRODUCINGGGG Merlin,  a 5-year-old Borzoi hound that will serve as a therapy dog alongside his owner Susan Bandsma, in the first ever Red Cross K9 Action Team in the state of Michigan.

Comforting, fluffy, friendly, playful, and helpful are all words that can be used to describe Merlin. With such a contagious personality, the pup completed his training. When Bandsma first heard about pet therapy programs in hospitals, she knew Merlin would be a perfect fit.

“My husband and I adopted Merlin in 2011,” said Bandsma, who started working with the Red Cross in St. Joseph five years ago. “I thought that Merlin had the perfect temperament for being a therapy dog so we went through the program and he was certified.”


Merlin will join Bandsma at the American Red Cross of Berrien County chapter based in St. Joseph, Michigan. Fortunately, he will be visiting lots of people and events with his new certification such as parades, health  fairs, military homecomings and pet CPR classes, so if you see him make sure to say hello!

For more information on Merlin, visit redcross.org or follow the team on facebook!


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