Peyton: A CPR Story


Kim West of Fruitport says her 4-year-old grandson Peyton has always been busy and active, but that nearly ended in December 2012, when he was in the back seat of a car.

“Christmas Day we went to my grandparent’s house for a family gathering,” said Peyton’s mom, Jeanine Doctor. “As we were leaving their driveway, a car came at us going 70-75 miles an hour and hit us right in the side of the car.”

“I heard screeching brakes and then I heard a crash,” Kim said. “I ran as quickly as I could because I knew it was a really bad accident. My grandson was in the seat and he was staring straight ahead like there was nothing.”

“My mom got Peyton out of the car,” said Jeanine. “I just saw my baby lying there with blood, unconscious, and my mom gave him CPR.”

Peyton’s grandmother performed CPR until emergency responders arrived. Peyton was taken to Hackley Hospital and then airlifted to Grand Rapids.

“My mom knew CPR because of her certification through the Red Cross. Without that he wouldn’t be alive,” Jeanine said.

Today, Peyton is the same kid he always was. He loves to sing and do little moves in his wheelchair.

“Grandma Kimmy is my hero,” he says. “She saved my life.”

Be prepared like Kim and learn life-saving skills from the American Red Cross. Sign up at

Here’s a link to a video of Peyton’s story:



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