Keeping You Safe and Healthy in Your Home Office

clarabarton[2]The home office is not just the place where one can stay in sweatpants and work all day. Home offices are meant for serious business. The first American Red Cross meeting took place in the home office of Republican Senator of Michigan, Omar D. Conger, in Washington, D.C. on May 12, 1881. I wonder what the American Red Cross founder Clara Barton’s home office looked like? I imagine school supplies from her days as a young teacher, along with medical bandages from her time aiding soldiers at war. Come to think of it, coloring crayons and band-aids sometimes go together when preparing for a day with the little ones, but save that until after the work day. Keep your home office safe and secure with these tips. Make sure to keep sharp objects such as staplers, scissors, and push pins put away in safe places in your home office. If an accident does happen, be prepared with an American Red Cross first aid kit. Ensure your children are safe at the home while you are out by encouraging the Red Cross Babysitter’s Training Course and Bloodborne Pathogens Course to your nanny as well. Knowing your children are in good hands will help you have a more productive day in the office.

RC-616[1]While working at home, you’re less likely to expose others or be exposed to illness. The coughs and sneezes may have gotten to you, but for those hard-working bodies that still dragged themselves to the office chair-make sure you’re cleaning your work area. Disinfecting office desks, chairs, phones, and frequently touched surfaces helps reduce the spread of germs in your home. Also, remember to wash your hands with soap and water for at least 15 seconds before that mid-day snack and the afternoon lunch break. The American Red Cross promotes that a clean office will make a healthier home.




Red Cross History- Barton, Conger
 Red Cross Health and Safety at Home


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