A Red Cross Resolution

2013 is here and along with the New Year comes lots of goals and plans we make for ourselves. We try to lose more weight, save more money, or learn how to do that whole “couponing” thing. While some of us may make good on our resolutions, many of us fall short and end up disappointed. So this year, why not resolve to do something simple that will benefit others and yourself? Make a resolution to get involved in your local American Red Cross. It’s definitely one that’s easy to stick to and there’s something for everyone!

ziggy blood

Give Blood

–  You can only give blood every 56 days, so this resolution would take less than 6 hours a year.

–  Each pint you donate could save up to 3 people. You could save as many as 18 lives in 2013! (If you have “save a life” on your bucket list, you can check it off!)

–  If needles freak you out, volunteer to organize a blood drive or hand out cookies and juice to donors.

–  Find blood drives near you and schedule an appointment by visiting redcrossblood.org.




disaster relief truck cartoon


The Red Cross needs volunteers to get the job done. In response to Superstorm Sandy, for example, the Red Cross deployed more than 15,800 trained disaster workers—about 90 percent of those workers were volunteers.

  • If you want to get healthy, good news! There’s a link between volunteering and good health according to The Corporation for National and Community Service: “Volunteers have greater longevity, higher functional ability, lower rates of depression and less incidence of heart disease.” Where do I sign?
  • There are lots of opportunities for you! Help in disasters, organize a blood drive, be a volunteer receptionist, or drive seniors to medical appointments. The list goes on!
  • Find more volunteer opportunities in West Michigan by clicking here



 prep kit
Be Prepared

What way to better improve your live than being prepared? We’re not asking you to go all “Doomsday Preppers” with it – but you should have basic necessities in case of an emergency. It’s really a lot simpler than you may think.


  • First, if you’re a smartphone user, download the FREE first aid and shelter finder apps through the Red Cross. They’re FREE and have some great tips. There are also apps for hurricanes, wildfires and earthquakes.  Did I mention that they’re FREE?
  • Second, make a plan. Figure out where you meet up if the family is separated because of an evacuation or a fire. Practice evacuating your home twice a year and plan ahead for your pets.
  • Get a preparedness kit. Put it in a suitcase, backpack, or duffel bag – something that’s easy to carry in case you have to leave home. If you don’t want to put a kit together yourself, you can buy one at the Red Cross Store. Here’s more information on what your kit should include.




Best wishes to a happy, healthy, and safe 2013! Now let’s get to those resolutions!




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