Photos of NY Sandy Damage from Local Volunteer

From Calhoun County AmeriCorps member, Doug Z., who writes from New York:

“Here is some of the debris. There is sand all over everything. The water reached up to 14 feet in some areas. People were shoveling sand and seaweed out of thier garages and basements. Huge mounds of sand that the city was cleaning off the streets and picking up from the road sides with cranes and front-end loaders. There were cars that were completely submerged and had debris all over their roofs. Other vehicles floated around and were left deposited randomly in the city. One SUV I got a picture of. It had been deposited on a burm of sand and was stuck hanging off the ground. We went down by the shoreline and saw a brick bathhouse that was completely gone… a couple bricks were there, but that was it. The boardwalks were demolished in a lot of places, store fronts ripped apart. A lot of people lost shingles off thier roofs. All in all though not a lot of structual damage, but the buildings took a good soaking and the insides are wasted. People were carrying or throwing out ruined woodwork, dry wall, everything.”

“One lady I talked to in the first shelter I was in told me her story and how she was trapped in her apartment upstairs. She said she remembered coming down the stairs and looking out the lobby doors and seeing the waves pounding against the building and the white caps rolling down the street. People’s couches and TVs floating down the road as they had gotten sucked out of basement apartments. She said the waves were so strong they were breaking down doors and the tide was so strong it was tearing everything out of the houses as it went through the city.”


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