Support the American Red Cross in Technology Contest

You probably see iPhones, Droids, and other high-tech “smart phones” every day.. but when was the last time you saw a cell phone like this? I saw one today at our chapter in Grand Rapids and it made me thankful for an opportunity we’ve been given.

The trivalent group is currently hosting a competition between several organizations in Michigan, including the Red Cross of West Michigan. You (members of the community) will ultimately decide who becomes part of the top five and has a chance to win at least $30,000 worth of new technology.

As you’ve probably noticed, technology is changing by the minute. While the Red Cross has a strong network of volunteers, donors and partners, we may be able to respond even more quickly during disasters with updated technology. With GPS, our volunteers could find a house fire more easily and with a tablet, they could make paperwork, paperless! The possibilities are endless!

This is something our volunteers and staffers would use every day. Just last year, the American Red Cross assisted 1,452 families experiencing disaster and trained nearly 87,000 people.  And another great thing – if we come out on top, the Red Cross of Mid-Michigan also benefits.

With this award, we would provide the best available tools to our local volunteers to ensure their ability to fulfill our mission in the community.

Please help our dedicated volunteers get this new technology so they can better help you in times of need.

You can vote once a day through November 30th at this website.

The top five will be announced on December 5th with the winner announced on January 10th, 2013.

Thank you for your support!


One response to “Support the American Red Cross in Technology Contest

  1. I have not seen a cell phone like that in ages.

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