Thanking our Veterans

Right now, many of us have been focused on the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, but did you know the Red Cross also helps U.S. veterans? The American Red Cross services for veterans started during World War I. This key Red Cross service ranges from responding to emergency needs for food, clothing, and shelter, referrals to counseling services, and other resources. To this day, the Red Cross is still committed to veterans and their families. With Veteran’s Day coming up on Monday, November 12th, we wanted to give you some ideas for volunteer opportunities within the community that deal directly with veterans.

For volunteer opportunities, you could:

  • Volunteer at your local Veterans Affairs (VA) Medical Center.
  • Do a fundraiser and donate supply items
    Find state & local resources here.
  • Contact the Department of Veteran’s Affairs for volunteer opportunities:
  • Deliver holiday messages to veterans or bring baked goods to veteran’s hospitals

There are many other ways that you can participate with and volunteer for your local veterans, and we encourage you to find a way to reach out.

One last idea: Consider making cards for the American Red Cross Holiday Mail for Heroes! This project gives our troops a sense of home when they receive these cards, and is a fun way for you or your group to reach out to our heroes. For more information on Holiday Mail for Heroes, visit


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