Local Heroes Making Global Impacts

While watching the refugees from Syria stream across the borders into refugee camps in neighboring countries – I am incredibly thankful for the life and the work of Henri Dunant.

After witnessing one of the bloodiest battles of the nineteenth century, Henry Dunant wrote a book entitled A Memory of Solferino. His vision of relief organizations providing care for the wartime wounded and volunteers corps to care for those injured in conflict led to the creation of the worldwide Red Cross and Red Crescent movement and the original Geneva Conventions. For this work, he was a joint recipient of the first Nobel Peace Prize.

Each year, at the Hometown Heroes Celebration, the American Red Cross of West Michigan honors community members who have demonstrated heroism through extraordinary acts of courage and kindness.  Our Heroes live their lives in the tradition set forth by our founding mothers and fathers.

The Henri Dunant Global Impact Award recognizes an individual or organization that has looked beyond their backyard to serve and improve the lives of people from around the globe.

Please help us tell the stories of the heroes in our community by nominating your hero today.

To nominate your hero visit: http://www.arcwestmi.org



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