Think Locally…

I am proud to be from West Michigan.  Who wouldn’t be when there is so much to be proud of?  Beautiful Beaches, 5×5, ArtPrize, Brewery Vivant, Founders, Harmony Brewing Company (Did I mention Grand Rapids was named Beer City 2012), the Van Andel Institute, and we’re green – Grand Rapids has more LEED certified buildings per capita than any other city in the US.  And then there is the thriving spirit of philanthropy that permeates the entire region.  Honestly, if we do anything really well – it’s giving – time, money, heart and soul.

Giving of ourselves isn’t something that just occurred to us.  It’s a tradition we received from the founders of our city and the organizations that make it tick.  Men and women like Caroline Campbell.

In early February of 1917, Mrs. Caroline Campbell received a telegram with orders to establish a local chapter of the American Red Cross. Within the month, Caroline had organized the first meeting of the American Red Cross of Kent County. By July of 1917, the chapter had over 37,000 contributing members.  In addition to her work with the Red Cross, Campbell was active in the YWCA, the DAR, the Michigan State Federation of Arts and the Daughters of 1812.  She also did much work for the Historical Society of Grand Rapids, and was an active supporter of the Grand Rapids Public Library.

Each year, at the Hometown Heroes Celebration, the American Red Cross of West Michigan honors community members who have demonstrated heroism through extraordinary acts of courage and kindness.  Our Heroes live their lives in the tradition set forth by our founding mothers and fathers.

The Caroline Campbell Community Impact Award recognizes an individual or organization that has made an extraordinary impact on the West Michigan Community by pioneering a program or initiative to accomplish positive change in the community.

Please help us tell the stories of the heroes in our community by nominating your hero today.

To Nominate a Hero visit


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