Stories of Service: General Marshall

As we celebrate Independence Day – I am reminded of the men and women who serve our country daily in every branch of the Armed Forces.  It takes a person of true courage and dedication to choose service, and for that we salute all of our veterans and service members at home and abroad.

The American Red Cross has a long history of service to the Armed Forces –since the early 1900s we have been sending emergency communications between service members and their families, providing a vital link between those serving and their loved ones at home. 

Over the years, many veterans have been found in our ranks – men and women like General George Catlett Marshall.  The Army Chief of Staff during World War II – General Marshall dedicated his life after the war to the causes of international peace and security.  As Secretary of State, he formulated what history has named The Marshall Plan – an unprecedented program of economic and military aid to foreign nations that helped rebuild Europe and that guides our foreign policy to this day.  Marshall became the President of the American Red Cross in 1949 – and during his short tenure he used the force of his personal prestige to increase visibility for the organization.  His time with the organization was cut short when he was asked to serve as the Secretary of Defense during the Korean War.  In 1953 Marshall received the Nobel Prize for Peace.

Each year, at the Hometown Heroes Celebration, the American Red Cross of West Michigan honors community members who have demonstrated heroism through extraordinary acts of courage and kindness.  Our Heroes live their lives in the tradition set forth by our founding mothers and fathers.

The General George Catlett Marshall Patriot Award recognizes an individual or a group of individuals who have gone above and beyond the call of duty in service to the United States of America and in service to our men and women in uniform.

Please help us tell the stories of the heroes in our community by nominating your hero today.

To Nominate a Hero visit


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