A Day in the Life of the Preparedness Education Intern

April 2, 2012-

by Janelle Steenstra



In the past couple of weeks, I have been working on spreading the Preparedness Education program into 3 other counties: Berrien, Ottawa, and Kalamazoo. What is Preparedness Education you might ask? Preparedness Education is a department geared at preparing the community to practice weather safety, fire safety, disaster preparedness, and health safety. Classes include Freddie the Fire Truck teaching students how to escape a burning building and Scrubby Bear teaching kids how to wash their hands properly (song included!). The American Red Cross of West Michigan offers these classes free of charge throughout four counties: Kent, Berrien, Ottawa, and Kalamazoo.

As a Preparedness Education Intern, I have been looking up every school in our four counties, looking up an email contact or calling for an email contact.  Preparedness Ed. wants to advertise effectively through email to different schools to broaden their spectrum.

It is cool how many positive responses I have received from many of the schools about the program. When I talk to someone at the school or in charge of the school district, I usually describe a little bit about the program. It feels like I speak a mile-a-minute for the first part of the conversation. I have had responses such as, “Oh that is so great! I would love it if we could have more information! We need to work on getting you guys in our school!” It was very comforting to get that response on my second or third call.  It gave me a little more motivation to keep going. Hopefully, the program can really branch out and reach more and more schools and kids soon.

Interested in volunteering at the American Red Cross? Want to be part of the Preparedness Ed. Team?

Contact the American Red Cross of West Michigan at 616-456-8661 or send an email to preparedness@ggr.redcross.org.


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