Red Cross Lessons I Learned by Watching Jersey Shore

Posted on March 18th, 2012 by Wendy Harman

I admit it. I know what a grenade is and I know how to do the dip. It’s not all in vain – the season 5 finale of Jersey Shore was inadvertently full of Red Cross lessons.

There’s a storm a brewing
The cast experiences a tornado warning – sirens and all – and demonstrates how  people who have never considered a preparedness plan react when faced with imminent danger. If anyone knows Snooki and the gang, please let them know we’ve got a simple plan and tips for them so they never get lightning in their hair.

Smoke Alarm
For the last “family dinner” the cast cooks a feast, starts a small stovetop fire, and sets off all the fire alarms in the house. They disassemble the fire alarms and later Pauly D uses them as a wake up call. Someone get these characters our cooking safety tips and please reinstall those smoke alarms.

Have any other Red Cross tips for Jersey Shore?


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