Dad Learns CPR, Saves Son’s Life 11 Days Later

Wednesday, June 22, 2011- Close to 350 children drown in residential swimming pools each year, states the Michigan Department of Community Health. The American Red Cross strives to drastically reduce this number by equipping individuals with life saving skills like CPR. Although we hope to never experience a situation where these skills are needed, they just might help us save someone’s life, like in the case of the Ondray Rudegeair.

Rudegeair who rescued his 4-year-old son from drowning last weekend credits a CPR class he took 11 days earlier, he said Tuesday evening. After hearing screams, Ondray Rudegeair rushed to his neighbor’s pool  to rescue Logan who had fallen off a tube.

Logan had been underwater for about one minute when an adult pulled him to the surface. Already, the child’s body was lifeless.

Rudegeair immediately began CPR.

“The whole time in my mind, I’m screaming out to God, please don’t take my son,” he said.

The four hours he had spent in the CPR class paid off. Logan was brought back to life in less than two minute

Added Rudegeair: “I’m not sure how I would’ve responded, had I not known or not taken the CPR classes. Having taken that class gave me confidence (in) what to do.”

See whole story here:

The American Red Cross encourages everyone to get CPR and First Aid certified to be able to help save lives, as Rudegeair did. Visit or call 616-456-8661 for class schedules.


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