World Refugee Day is this Saturday, June 25!

Tuesday June 21, 2011-Join the West Michigan community in honoring the hope and courage of refugees all around the world, and those in our community, by celebrating World Refugee Day at Garfield Park. This event features speakers, live music, performers, food vendors, and crafts for sale that all seek to support and spread awareness of the plight of refugees. The event will also feature institutions in West Michigan that commit time and resources to supporting refugees in the community. Be Informed, get involved, make a difference, and have fun! Come down to Garfield Park on June 25th for World Refugee Day, rain or shine. Admission is free. Food and crafts are available for purchase.

Come learn more about organizations, like the Red Cross, that help refugees in Grand Rapids.

Through the American Red Cross‘ Restoring Family Links program, refugees are able to reconnect with family members that they have been separated from during war or political strife. They are also able to send their loved ones messages to let them know they are alive and well.

Visit our facebook page for more information on World Refugee Day:

For volunteer opportunities and more information on the American Red Cross call 616-456-8661 or visit



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