Heart Work is Hard Work-Island Style

A boy eagerly tightens the straps on his harness and looks up at the course above him. He was too scared to try last year, but now is his time to tackle the high ropes course. Meanwhile, a girl sits down in a kayak and looks over the lake to the island, she is determined to make it all the way there and back without stopping. All over the camp grounds, students are attempting seemingly impossible tasks and succeeding with ease. All because of the dedication of staff and campers alike, Salvation Army’s Little Pine Island Camp has become a tradition for campers who come from all over the Midwest.

On Thursday, February 24, volunteers from both the American Red Cross and Griffin Properties will devote a day to helping maintain Little Pine Island Camp. From 9AM to 5PM, volunteers will be working hard to assist the camp staff in any way possible. All year long, the camp staff works hard to keep the grounds and building in the best condition. This year, volunteers will help the staff paint a large room in the Great Lakes Center, which is the central meeting hall of the camp. This room is often used as a classroom, meeting room, and even a craft room on occasion. While some volunteers paint, others will help in ripping up and laying down a new floor in the camp kitchen. This is physically challenging activity that will surely take many hands to lighten the load. At the same time, volunteers may be helping to de-ice the pathways and stairs around the grounds. Whatever the task may be, the volunteers are ready for the challenge. This project is another installment in the year long Heart Work is Hard Work project series.

If you would like to get involved in this project, or projects like this, please email Elizabeth Wright at ewright@ggr.redcross.org or call (616) 456-8661 ext. 3501 for more information. Little Pine Island is making a difference in the lives of thousands of people a year. The question is, what are you doing to make a difference?

To donate to the Red Cross click here.


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