Run for Red. Run for Refugees.

Greetings Red Cross Supporters!

Do you know that when you choose to support the Red Cross you are choosing to support refugees in your area?

One of the services of your local Red Cross is to help refugees who have been separated from their family members reconnect through our Restoring Family Links Program. This program uses the Red Cross connections throughout the world to help families that have been separated find each other after times of war or political crisis.

To learn more about this program, come here Dorothy Sewe, a Kenya native and Red Cross volunteer, speak about her story and her dedicated work with the Restoring Family Links Program. She will be speaking at the Grand Rapids Public Library this Sunday, February 20th at 2:15 and 3:45. Find more information below:

The African Immigrant’s Experience in the U.S.
Dorothy Sewe| 2:15 pm & 3:45 pm
Quiet Study Room | Lower LevelDorothy Sewe, Kenyan native and expert on international relations and policies, will share her own story and educate about the challenges facing African refugees and immigrants. Dorothy will also explain how to contribute to related causes locally. As a volunteer for the Red Cross of Greater Grand Rapids, Dorothy developed a program that works to unite refugees with long-lost family members. She has taught classes in international human rights law and eventually hopes to work for the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees.

To learn more about this program offered in your local community, visit

To support the Red Cross in the Fifth Third River Bank Run or to join our team click here.

To donate to the Red Cross click here.


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