Run for Hope. Run for Health. Run for Red.

There are a number of reasons that people walk, jog, or run. Of course there are the many health benefits that come as a result of these activities, including improved cardiovascular health, weight loss, improved bone health, and better coordination. In addition to these physical benefits are mental and emotional perks such as improved mood (love those endorphins!), character and confidence building, and stress relief.

What about other beneficial outcomes of walking, jogging, or running? By pledging to run for the American Red Cross you are benefiting not only yourself but also people within the community. You help to bring services such as health and safety training, disaster response, transportation to those who need it, services to the armed forces, and blood to those in health crisis.

Another main service the Red Cross provides is our International Family Tracing program. This service is developed to help refugees and people who have been displaced by war, find their loved ones through the help of the Red Cross. This Sunday, February 20, you can learn the story of Dorothy Sewe, a Red Cross Volunteer in the International Tracing field,  at the Grand Rapids Public Library downtown. After fleeing Kenya, Dorothy has dedicated countless hours volunteering for the Red Cross while raising a family and pursuing her own education.

Here’s some more information:

The African Immigrant’s Experience in the U.S.
Dorothy Sewe| 2:15 pm & 3:45 pm
Quiet Study Room | Lower LevelDorothy Sewe, Kenyan native and expert on international relations and policies, will share her own story and educate about the challenges facing African refugees and immigrants. Dorothy will also explain how to contribute to related causes locally. As a volunteer for the Red Cross of Greater Grand Rapids, Dorothy developed a program that works to unite refugees with long-lost family members. She has taught classes in international human rights law and eventually hopes to work for the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees.

Complimentary food samples are provided by Southern Fish Fry, Chez Olga, and LoLo’s Café.

Whether you are running a 10k or doing a 5k walk, think of how your involvement in the Fifth Third Riverbank Run can benefit not only yourself but also those in need within the Greater Grand Rapids community. Together, we can transform a life in crisis into a life of hope.

Upcoming Red Cross Events in the area:

Want to run for the Red Cross in the 5/3 River Bank Run? Click here to join and make a fundraising page!

To donate to your local Red Cross chapter click here.


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