Congratulations to Anne Burrows, Volunteer of the Month!

Jan. 13, 2011-Anne Burrows is Volunteer of the Month of December 2010.  Anne continually amazes others with the caliber of her work and how much she has offered of her time and of herself. Within weeks of first becoming a DAT Volunteer, Anne went from being a trainee to a well experienced DAT team member who was fully capable of training other new volunteers. In fact, she is even a key holder for one of the hospitality apartments. But the scope of Anne’s abilities has a far reach; when a public plea for volunteers to work in the client casework office was made, she readily stepped up and has actually managed to complete projects faster than anyone ever thought possible.

The Red Cross recently updated all of our direct billing agreements with hotels/motels in the area. Anne spoke to managers of all the hotels with great courtesy and professionalism. She is extremely detail oriented and when she is assigned to any project, it is always completed on time. She is a very positive, enthusiastic, and cheery person to work with and is constantly making people smile and laugh around her.  As if this weren’t enough, Anne recently agreed to become a Disaster Duty Officer and is now already dispatching fires on her own with great precision.

Anne works two days a week in the client service office, is on-call one night a week and alternating weekends, and can be called 24/7 to respond to a fire. It is clear that she provides our clients with the best care possible, in every aspect of the response and recovery process. It’s hard to imagine the Red Cross without the incredible help of Anne Burrows. Our Emergency Services Department and our chapter as a whole are truly blessed to have a person like Anne volunteering her time.


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