What’s your type? Blood Drive on January 3rd!

Do you know your type?

Yes? Post it in a comment and come give blood on Jan. 3rd!

No? Post a comment and come give blood on Jan. 3rd!

What is meant by “blood type”? Que significa “tipo de sangre”?  Che cosa significa “tipo di sangue”?

Let me answer that for you.  Blood is composed of many molecules, cell types and proteins. Some of those molecules are called agglutinogens  reside on the surface of the red blood cells. They are classified as A, B or in their absence, O. What about the positive/negative description? This classification has to do with the presence or absence of the Rh protein. Each blood type is either positive “+” (has the Rh protein) or negative “-” (no Rh protein). For example, a person whose blood type is “A positive” (A +), has both type A and Rh proteins on the surface of their red blood cells.


What’s the hype about the O???


  • Almost 40% of the population has O+ blood
  • Patients with Type O blood must receive Type O blood
  • About half of all blood ordered by hospitals in our area is Type O
  • Type O blood is the universal blood type and is the only blood type that can be transfused to patients with other blood types
  • Only about 7% of all people have Type O negative blood
  • Type O negative blood is the preferred type for accident victims and babies needing exchange transfusions
  • There is always a need for Type O donors because their blood may be transfused to a person of any blood type in an emergency

For a full scientific explanation, click here

The need is constant.


Every two seconds someone in America gets a blood transfusion.  Five million patients will need blood this year.  You may know these people as a family member, a neighbor or even a complete stranger.


The gratification is instant.


On January 3, 2011, our chapter will be hosting a blood drive titled “Save a Life in 2011.”

Where? American Red Cross of Greater Grand Rapids Chapter located at 1050 Fuller Ave NE

When? 12pm to 6pm.

How? Sign up! and/or Show up!

We hope to begin the new year with a renewed excitement for donating blood, so that we may help as many people as possible.  We need YOUR help.  Over the past couple years we have seen a sharp decline in the number of blood donors at our chapter drives.  We ask you to sign up and spread the word to others so that we can host successful drives at the chapter house and save lives in this community and beyond.


Give blood.


Ring in the new year with hope! To help, please contact Khoa Nguyen to schedule an appointment for the blood drive. Please also consider bringing a family member or friend with you. Call Khoa at 616-456-8661 x.3705 or through email at knguyen@ggr.redcross.org. We encourage advanced appointments but welcome walk-in donors at any time. We thank you for continuing to help save lives by giving blood through the American Red Cross and hope that we can count on your support. We appreciate your services with the Red Cross.


Together, we can help save a life.

See the chart below to learn how your blood type can help save a life!

Type You Can Give Blood To You Can Receive Blood From
A+ A+  AB+ A+  A-  O+  O-
O+ O+  A+  B+  AB+ O+  O-
B+ B+  AB+ B+  B-  O+  O-
AB+ AB+ Everyone
A- A+  A-  AB+  AB- A-  O-
O- Everyone O-
B- B+  B-  AB+  AB- B-  O-
AB- AB+  AB- AB-  A-  B-  O-
Out of 100 donors . . . . .
84 donors are RH+ 16 donors are RH-
38 are O+ 7 are O-
34 are A+ 6 are A-
9 are B+ 2 are B-
3 are AB+ 1 is AB-

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