Bon Appetit! Heart Work is Hard Work Bakes Homemade Apple Pies!

Heart Work is Hard Work

Dough is rolled out on a wooden table as apple peels fall to the floor. Once the mixture is deemed ready, it is pressed and molded into the tin. Apples are sloshed into the prepared crust and maneuvered until flat. The final layer of crust is carefully placed on top as the oven waits for its arrival. Minutes later, the smell of baking apples wafts down the hallway. People walking past stop in the kitchen for a quick glance and a hopeful taste of the homemade goods. After the baking is finished, the pie is cooled, placed in a box, and loaded into a van.

Repeat this process twenty-five times or more.

When the van is loaded down with baked goods, the pies are delivered around Grand Rapids to local food panties. Then the clean-up process begins back at the kitchen. Ingredients are packed away, counters are cleaned, and utensils are washed in preparation for another day.

This is the plan for the next installment in the Heart Work is Hard Work service series. AmeriCorps members from the American Red Cross of Greater Grand Rapids will again partner with volunteers from Griffin Properties in another creative day of service. The kitchens at the Red Cross chapter of Greater Grand Rapids (1050 Fuller NE) will be transformed into a makeshift bakery on Thursday October 21, 2010. Beginning at 9:00AM, some volunteers will gather the apples from a local orchard while others start crafting the crust from scratch. After a long afternoon of rolling, mixing, mashing, and baking, the pies will be taken out into Grand Rapids. The volunteers will deliver the pies to three local food pantries and kitchens throughout the city. Through just one day of service, people all over the city can enjoy a taste of homemade baked goods at no cost. Bringing joy into the city… one taste at a time!

If you would like to get involved in this project, or projects like this, please email Elizabeth Wright at or call (616) 456-8661 ext. 3501 for more information.


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