Meet the AmeriCorps!

Meet Ben and Elizabeth, two members of our new AmeriCorps team at the Red Cross! Ben, a returning AmeriCorps member, and Elizabeth, a former volunteer at the Red Cross, engage in different areas of volunteer services to account for the many tasks in this department at our Greater Grand Rapids Chapter. Visit our website to learn more!

Name: Ben Graves

Hometown: Auburn, IN

College: Calvin College class of 2008

Hobbies: BOARD GAMES!!!  Reading.  Walking.  Playing sports/activities. Sleeping.

Position: Volunteer Services Coordinator

“I manage chapter efforts in the areas of volunteer recruitment, retention and recognition.”

Name: Elizabeth Wright

Hometown: Holland, MI

College: Calvin College (only the best!)

Hobbies: Reading, biking, writing, and breathing.

Position: Youth Services Coordinator

“I work with all of our volunteers under the age of 24 and make sure they feel appreciated and welcomed. I also plan two service projects a month– one for our AmeriCorps team and the other for our youth volunteers. I also sing and dance with Katie when the spirit moves me.”


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