Run, Forrest, Run…for the Red Cross!

Australian athlete, Pat Farmer, hopes to raise $100 million for the Red Cross’ life-saving water and sanitation programs by running from the North to South poles.

Pat Farmer, 48, who is also known as Australia’s “Forrest Gump,” will begin his 13,000-mile journey from the North to South Pole in March. On this 11-Month run through Canada, the United States, Mexico and 10 South American countries, he expects to go through more than 40 pairs of shoes and 300 pairs of socks.

Although Farmer holds the record for the fastest run around his own country (191 days) and has run twice across the USA, he described this new trek as the greatest challenge of his life.

“To be quite honest with you,” Farmer told the AFP, “I don’t know if I can run from the North pole to the South pole.”


“But I do know that I can run for 80 kilometers..a day, and I do know that I can get up the next morning and do the same thing the next day. I will take it one day at a time and I will achieve this enormous goal.”

According to the Sydney Morning Herald  (, a child dies every 15 seconds from a disease caused by lack of access to safe drinking water or water for sanitation and hygiene. Farmer hopes that people interested in his run will be inspired to donate $1 each to help the Red Cross’s life-saving water and sanitation programs.

“If I’m prepared to hurt for a worthy cause, then surely other people are prepared to get by and support me with it,” Farmer said.
The run will be broadcast live on the Web ( and recorded by a film crew, The Southern Courier reported ( If he completes the endeavor, Farmer plans to return to the states and address the United Nations.

Want to help make a difference?

Click here to: support Pat Farmer’s Pole to Pole Water=Life Program

Click here to: support your local Red Cross Chapter


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