Meet the Red Cross AmeriCorps Members!

Hi Everyone,
As Deanna mentioned in our last post, my name is Katie and I am one of the new AmeriCorps members of the Greater Grand Rapids Chapter of the Red Cross! I am excited to be here in the Communications Department and to share Red Cross awareness through our blog!

AmeriCorps can be thought of as a domestic version of the Peace Corps.  On a local basis, we work as a team to help the Red Cross’ mission through using our skills, talents and knowledge in various departments.

As AmeriCorps members, our mission is to provide vital emergency assistance to victims and communities affected by disaster.  We strive to increase preparedness in targeted areas before disaster strikes by supporting individuals who will provide community outreach and education through Red Cross.

Meet the AmeriCorps!

Each post, we’ll be gradually introducing our new members!

Name: Sarah Amaral (Samaral)

Hometown: East Freetown, Massachusetts

College: Bridgewater State University

Hobbies: Watching any hockey event, hiking, appeasing my roommate by playing board games, playing any recreational sport, cross stitch

Position: Disaster Frontline Services Coordinator

“My time will be split 40% working with the disaster action teams and 60% with the client services desk. I will be working on projects to support our volunteers with their needs and streamline our procedures for quality service on both the response and recovery ends.”

Name: Katie Pals

Hometown: Miami, FL

College: Calvin College

Hobbies: Singing, Dancing, Painting,  and Running.

Position: Community Outreach Coordinator

“I’ll be working in the Communications Department to raise funds through races and events as well as keeping the public informed of Red Cross initiatives.”


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