August 2010 Volunteer of the Month

Say congratulations and give a high-five to our August 2010 Volunteer of the Month, David Aguilar!

David Aguilar is the Volunteer of the Month for August 2010! David jumps into volunteer projects headfirst!   He is ready at all times to help out with any sort of activity, or leadership role.  David is able to accomplish tasks quickly and with great quality.  He works hard and gives volunteering a good name.   David is extremely willing to not only help find volunteers to assist within the department and at local events, but he very often steps in and does it himself.

We have had frequent requests for the Grand Rapids Fire Department’s “Smoke House,” and anytime there is the need for a volunteer to get trained in how to transport it from event to event, David always offers.  David’s desire to continually learn more about Health and Safety and what we do as an organization never goes unnoticed and is always greatly appreciated.  He asks informed questions and consistently follows through with whatever is asked of him.

His positive attitude is a blessing to us all.  We are very lucky to have him!


2 responses to “August 2010 Volunteer of the Month

  1. Congratulations David Aguilar! I know how much you enjoy volunteering for the Red Cross. I bet this honor made you so proud!

  2. That’s awesome Uncle David!

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