Griffin Properties, Getting Things Done for Grand Rapids!

Realtors sell the benefits and aspirations of our communities. They are also our neighbors and know about local needs. And as neighbors, they share the desire for our communities to be great places to live and are committed to give back to those who have built our communities.

Recently, local real estate group Griffin Properties stepped up to meet some of the challenges of our community head on. The team at Griffin Properties is dedicated to making a difference through community service and partnership. They are passionate and committed to supporting the positive development of children, youth and the community.

Through an innovative partnership, Griffin Properties has committed to sponsor the entire cost of operating the American Red Cross of Greater Grand Rapids Youth Services EmpowerMe program and a series of AmeriCorps community service projects.

The support of Griffin properties will provide funding for 1 full time AmeriCorps member that will serve 1700 hours in 10.5 months in the position of Youth Services Coordinator. This individual is responsible for the recruiting, training, leading and inspiring of a team of more than 100 active youth volunteers that are “getting things done for Grand Rapids!”

Throughout the yearlong partnership, the American Red Cross of Greater Grand Rapids is committed to working with Griffin Properties to complete 24 full day community service projects over the course of the next year. Youth volunteers and AmeriCorps members will serve with area nonprofits to help meet community needs.

“Griffin Properties is excited and impressed with the Red Cross,” said Diane Griffin, Griffin Properties. “When we met with the Red Cross to partner on local projects, we learned just how much of an impact they truly have on the community and with people from around the world. Everyone at Griffin Properties is looking forward to working with the Red Cross in the local community, along with our friends and neighbors, helping those that are in need and to build better neighborhoods.”

The Red Cross will be taking videos, pictures, and talking about our experiences with them throughout the year so please keep a tab on what’s going on. If you would like to help the community by volunteering your time, please call our Red Cross at (616) 456-8661.

“Building better relationships with neighbors, improving neighborhoods, and giving back is our mutual focus,” said Griffin. “We are fortunate to do business in our community and it is our privilege to be able to give back by partnering with the American Red Cross.”


One response to “Griffin Properties, Getting Things Done for Grand Rapids!

  1. Thank you Griffin Properties! I hope this partnership spurs more of its kind. Thanks for stepping up to help GR.

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