The Faces of a Successful Youth Leadership Camp

As part of a training on how to use different forms of media, the 15 participants in last week’s Youth Leadership Camp made this video to share about their experiences learning to tell a story with photos:

“I really enjoyed it I talked to this other guy Tom like the whole time. It was really cool and after that everyone seemed more at ease with everything and we all talked a lot more. And after that the day just flew by. There were lots more activities and guess what?! I actually learned! We talked about humanitarian laws and service projects and a ton more. We even got to make our own service project and we actually get to do it!! Overall, I wouldn’t give that experience up for anything else I would ever do that day. It taught me valuable skills and I had a lot of fun! I have never been so happy to be so wrong!” – Logan R.

“So I sat down and every moment that I was there it felt less and less like school and more and more like a place that I could relax and help people. I loved learning about how I an unknown teenager could make any sort of impact on well…. Anything and a positive impact to! We learned how to run service projects like cleaning parks, feeding homeless or just making people aware. I mean the more and more we talked about helping people it made me actually want to do it! I walked in thinking I was just going in for free food and college recommendation and complete the class and doing no more. Now I have legitimate plans to help people that I am going to follow through all thanks to Red Cross and this class.” – Alex G.

For more information about our youth services, please visit EmpowerMe.


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