Let the Youth Lead

Real change begins with one person, one leader; could that leader be your child or student?

Why not let them spend 2 days with the Red Cross and find out? We will teach them about some of the problems that plague our world and show them how other teens have become world-changers. They will learn how to build strong teams, study the power of media, and other important topics. When they leave, they will have a better understanding of the severity of hunger, homelessness, education and basic human rights. Greatest of all, they will leave with the power to make a real change.

Youth between 13 and 17 years of age from Barry, Ionia, Montcalm, and Kent counties are eligible to attend.

Over the course of 2 days, youth will learn team-building skills, social media strategies, and service project planning. Upon completion of the camp, each student will be equipped to plan, promote, and execute a team service project from start to finish. This is accomplished through a solid foundational knowledge and hands-on experience with the technology needed to create a successful marketing and recruitment plan for their service projects.

Teachers, parents, and leaders, here is an opportunity for your students to get those much-needed service hour requirements for the upcoming school year. Also, leaders, we would like to extend an invitation to be part of the camp with your youth to help foster the relationships you are building.

Cost: Free (includes meals)


July 14th 9am-6pm
July 15th 9pm-3pm

Please Register at www.arcempowerme.com

[Photo credit: American Red Cross of Greater Grand Rapids]


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