From a Red Cross Shelter: Tiffany’s Story

Written by: Tammy Pech, American Red Cross

As Tiffany Summers stands talking to Red Cross volunteer Angela Patterson, a tear falls down her cheek. Tiffany and her two children are calling the shelter home after the recent flooding in Nashville. “I just want my kids to be safe, I just want them to have a roof over their head,” she says trying to smile and then continues, “the volunteers here make you feel comfortable, they comfort you with hugs and smiles, and it means a lot.”

“The kids have really taken to the volunteers, they play games with them, and read stories – it is beautiful to see them interact,” Tiffany says. Her children, ages 9 and 11, made handwritten cards for the Red Cross volunteers that are moms on Mother’s Day and handed them out one by one. “It was really sweet,” she states beaming with pride.

While in the shelter, Tiffany is also getting help by Pam Slifer, RN with her high risk pregnancy. She is carrying twins and has been able to get her blood pressure checked and some prenatal care from Pam at the shelter. Pam helped get Tiffany a doctor’s appointment and has been checking her blood pressure regularly. “It is scary being out of our house and out of our routine. It really has been a relief to know that someone else cares and someone is worried about your health.” Tiffany says.

Tiffany hopes to get back into her house soon and looks forward to getting back to normalcy. “The kids are resilient, they will bounce back but I am just so appreciative of the Red Cross volunteers and nurses, they have made this disaster easier to handle.”

[Photo credit: Daniel Cima, American Red Cross]


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