Happy Birthday, Red Cross!

Did you know that Clara Barton founded the Red Cross on May 21, 1881? That means tomorrow, the Red Cross a strapping 129 years young.

A Red Cross supporter named Ivan sent this birthday treat (or a photo of it, at least) to the National Red Cross and when I spotted it on Red Cross Chat, I knew I had to share the (cheesy, delicious) love.

In recognition of the Red Cross’s upcoming birthday I made a pizza with carefully cut pepperoni to form the red cross.

Over the years I was in the Boy Scouts of America working with the Red Cross, donated blood numerous times, and also gave a donation for the victims of Hurricane Katrina.

I just wanted to share my latest creation in honor of a great organization.

In my two and half years with the Red Cross, there are few things I’ve seen that bring excitement and joy to hard-worked staff and volunteers like food. So Ivan, you hit it right on the money! Thanks! And Happy Birthday, Red Cross!


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