Red Cross Down South: A Snapshot

The Red Cross is working hard down south! Four of our own local volunteers have headed down that way to lend a hand, so we thought you might appreciate an update on the situation.

The American Red Cross has been on the ground providing relief on a very large scale to people affected by severe flooding and tornadoes in Alabama, Arkansas, Kentucky, Mississippi, Oklahoma and Tennessee since mid-April.

  • Damage is widespread across six states with people needing everything from immediate emergency assistance to help with clean-up.
  • The Red Cross will be on the ground in the affected areas for weeks to help people get back on their feet and making sure their disaster caused needs are met.
  • Nearly 1,500 trained Red Cross workers have served more than 290,000 meals and snacks to people in need as of May 14.
  • 63 shelters have provided more than 7,300 overnight stays as of May 14.
  • 76 mobile response vehicles are on the ground delivering food and supplies in the affected areas.
  • More than 19,000 clean-up kits and 11,000 comfort kits have been distributed as of May 14.
  • Trained Red Cross workers have provided more than 11,000 disaster mental health and health services contacts.

Here are a few snapshots to put faces to facts. Thanks to all Red Cross volunteers for their hard work and compassion!


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