Two Apartment Fires, 39 Lives Changed

Early last Friday morning, around 2am, our Disaster Services department got a call that there was an apartment fire happening in Wyoming. As our volunteers arrived on the scene and began assisting the people there, we got another call a few hours later that another apartment fire was raging elsewhere in Grand Rapids. In the end, a total of 39 residents were affected. Luckily, our Red Cross volunteers were both places, providing comfort, warmth and support for these people. Food, shelter and clothing were given out as needed, making sure that no one was left cold, hungry or without a roof over their head.

Residents and staff at the apartment complexes pitched in to help, making sure everyone was taken care of. Local restaurants, like McDonald’s and Papa John’s, chipped in food for the displaced people. People like Walt here, a staff member at the Wyoming apartment complex, even helped rescue a resident’s cat!

Thanks to all who helped take care of these 39 people and show them hope in a time of crisis.

To find out more about our Disaster Services, click here. To donate and help victims like these, click here.


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