Take Me Home to West Virginia

There’s something about the song Country Roads – every time I hear it, I get all tingly and nostalgic.  Maybe it’s because I lived in Appalachia for a short while.  Maybe it’s the genius of John Denver’s song-writing.

I’ve been humming the song to myself frequently these past few days.  Our AmeriCorps Together We Prepare group from around the state is headed to West Virginia in March to work with the Appalachia Service Project.  We’ll spend a week near Brenton, West Virginia, making several houses safer, warmer and drier while getting to know the home-owners.  With the trip only a few weeks away, we’re all caught up in route planning, fund raising, and list making.

I’m excited about some of the State Parks that will be near by.  One co-worker is gearing up for a road trip play list.  Another sent us a packing list the other day.  Our supervisor, Jordan, gets excited several times a day when our fund raising total goes up.

What motivates us most is the spirit of the project.  Many of the people in our group have never been to this part of the country; we’re eager  to share our lives with the people of Appalachia.   And we also want to share our journey with you.  Here are some ways you can connect with our AmeriCorps group and follow our trip.

Maybe I’ll get you humming along with me.


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