What Cause Will You Speak For?

Stories captivate us.  You’d rather have me tell you an anecdote from a disaster relief operation than bombard you with statistics (or at least, most of you would).  When we open with the words, “Once upon a time,” or “Just the other day,” we have a more captive audience than if we say, “X+Y=Z” or “This graph shows…” The magic of stories lies in their universality—we can all understand a simple story.  And we all have stories to tell.

The American Red Cross has many stories:  the story of the girl who saved a life with her First Aid training;  the retired couple who spend their leisure time volunteering in the office and going on national disaster assignments;  the transportation driver who brightens his clients’ days with his positive attitude; and the group of students who raised over $500 to support relief efforts in Haiti.

These and other stories all combine to create the larger Red Cross story.  It’s a story as close as next-door and as wide as the opposite side of the globe.  And it’s a story you can tell.

Whether you want to represent the American Red Cross at community events, talk about our activities to interested partner groups, or share your passion with friends and family, the American Red Cross needs you to be its ambassador. The Red Cross is made up of ordinary people empowered to do extraordinary acts in the face of an emergency; we need your voice to tell the Red Cross story.

Extraordinary Voices: Telling the Red Cross Story

February 16th, 6-8pmEmpowering Prepared Communities

The American Red Cross is where people mobilize to help their neighbors—across the street, across the country, and across the world—in emergencies. This session dives into the details of the mobilizing services of the Red Cross and provides opportunities to practice answering questions about these services.

February 17th, 6-9pmFinding Your Voice

As part of the American Red Cross Speakers Bureau, the ability to tell our personal stories about the Red Cross is essential. Alex Ritzema, a local comedian and inspirational humorist, will be spending time with us to share his Red Cross story and help us all prepare our personal stories. He holds a degree in Psychology from Hope College combined with 15 years of business experience developing new products, services and leadership skills. Having a passion for creative expression, Alex is also a graduate of the Conservatory at The Second City Theater in Chicago. Alex’s mission is to use his passion and skills to encourage authentic communication among everyone he meets.

For registration information, contact:

Cassidhe Hart
616-456-8661 ex. 3611


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