Dimes Make Dollars for Haiti

It only takes 10 dimes to make a dollar.

That was Tiffaney Richardson’s mentality as she began her small fund raising campaign as an employee at a local Family Fare.  While working, she’d hear customers remark about how they were donating a few dollars to relief efforts in Haiti and she began to think about how small efforts add up.  “I can give 5 dollars,” she told herself.  She wondered how many other employees at Family Fare felt the same way.

Tiffaney approached her manager and asked if she could take up an employee collection for American Red Cross Haiti relief efforts.  She was given the OK and his was the first donation.

Tiffaney and her collected donations pose with Amanda, one of our AmeriCorps volunteers.

That first donation began a showing of generosity from Family Fare employees that exceeded Tiffaney’s expectations. “One day a pharmacist put $20 in and I just started crying,” she said. Her co-workers were “supportive and positive” of her week-long campaign and they good-naturedly teased her for her tenacity.  “Oh, you don’t have money today?” she’d say.  “I’ll see you next pay day.”  She even came in on her days off to ask employees to donate.

Tiffaney’s drive to help came from a realization about what is important.  While out shopping, she was having a hard time finding an outfit for her birthday celebration.  Frustrated, she sat in her car and began to think about her attitude. “I was stressing because I couldn’t find a birthday shirt. ..I can’t find a shirt and [in Haiti] they can’t find water.”  Seeing things from that perspective, she wanted to act.

Her original goal had been $50.  By the end of the week, she had raised over $300.  “We wish we could have done more,” she told us.  But that $300 is a part of 26 (and growing) local efforts to raise money for relief in Haiti.  Local schools, businesses and community groups have stepped up and said, “There is something we can give.”   When each person gives even just a small part of themselves and their resources, the small parts add up.

In Tiffaney’s own words, “Those dimes make the dollar.”

No contribution is ever too small.   There are plenty of ways you can get involved here in greater Grand Rapids to fundraise for Red Cross efforts in Haiti and here in our backyard.

Rock out for Haiti at the Intersection.

Come to our next Volunteer Orientation and discover ways you can get involved locally.

Eat at Olga’s on Thursdays in February–support your local Red Cross.

Contact Amanda Meldrum about holding your own third-party fund raiser.


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