Meet our Road Warrior, Walter!

“I was cold – it was sleeting and snowing – I struggled to breathe – parts of the race course were slippery and slush covered – I was anxious – there were hills – I hurt – but through it all – I was running (emphasis on those last three words). Pain hit me in many places – some familiar and some new. The excitement of competing in my first road race since being hit by a SUV and having bones shattered, muscles transplanted and months of physical therapy – was not exactly like I had dreamed – it was absolutely more painful and absolutely more emotional.” – Walter’s Road Warrior blog

Meet our Road Warrior for the 2010 Fifth Third River Bank Run, Walter D. Catton III!

Walter was training for the 2009 Fifth Third and Steelhead 70.3 Ironman when he was hit by a car on May 3. He suffered many leg, wrist, shoulder and muscle injuries that were repaired with rods, pin, screws, plates, grafts and more. Originally he was advised that he may not walk again this year, but after 28 days in Spectrum, 12 days in Mary Free Bed and 40 more days in a wheelchair, Walter took his first steps 80 days after his accident. And 150 days later, he took his first run.

Walter is a father of six children and works every day to demonstrate what can be accomplished with a positive attitude, determination and internal motivation. Walter’s message to the community is it’s not about what you cannot do but rather what you can do.

The American Red Cross is excited to have Walter running as a Road Warrior for our organization, spreading the message of emergency preparedness and the hope it can offer in times of crisis.

To read the rest of his blog post and more, visit Walter’s Road Warrior blog here.

To find out how to run for Red Cross in 2010, click here.


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