And Your 2010 Resolution Is…

Making New Year’s resolutions can be a tricky business. We hide our faces from the pile of fitness equipment we received for Christmas and stare in abject horror at the fat-free, gluten-free, low-cal, soy shake on the counter that we feel compelled to eat after weeks of indulgence. Instead of feeling energized with goals for the new year, many of us end up feeling burdened and depressed, facing resolutions that (let’s face it) most of us won’t actually keep.

Let the Red Cross help. We are here to come alongside you in your confusion and offer you some guaranteed pain-free resolutions you might consider in 2010.

  1. Refresh your CPR certification.
  2. Build a disaster kit with your family.
  3. Lend us your skills for a few hours a month and volunteer.
  4. Run for Red Cross in the Fifth Third River Bank Run.
  5. Be a Hero for the Red Cross in March.

We hope you’ll consider our ideas or share with us resolutions of your own! Happy 2010!


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