iDonate…You Should Too.

Now I’m not the most “techie” person in the world, at least not when it comes to the mobile world of technology. Blackberries and iPhones give me headaches. I insist on texting in full sentences, with proper spelling, to avoid pangs of guilt from the grammar police who reside in my head. “App” translates to “appetizer” in my foodie brain and tends to make me hungry.

However, I will admit I seem to be in the minority on this one. Everyone these days seems to be so “on the go” with technology that they are rarely disconnected. For all of you iPhone-toting, Tweeting, up-to-the-minute folks, have we got a deal for you! (Cue flashing lights and applause.)

American Red Cross supporters can now make financial donations from their mobile phones by visiting This page will take you to a mobile optimized donation form, which will appear like this on a mobile device.

Mobile donors can use their Amazon Payments account or a credit card to donate to the Where the Need is Greatest fund. Think about that — you can make a donation while waiting at a stop light (not while driving, please!) or when you’re stuck in the waiting room at your dentist. What better use of your time spent zipping around your mobile device could there be?

Thank you (and you’re welcome), mobile donors.


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