So a Ninja and Ben Franklin Walk Into an Elevator…

[Comic found on the Santa Cruz Red Cross blog]

I’ll admit, my first thought when I read this comic was not “Vampires really run the Red Cross?!” It was “I want to know what Ben Franklin and a doctor in a ninja mask are doing in an elevator.”

Here’s my guess — Ben Franklin had a tummy-ache after too much holiday fruitcake and visited the emergency room. While there, he ran into a doctor who was trying out the ninja costume he bought his son for Christmas. As for the vampires, it was just a conversation starter — the ninja-doctor’s a secret “Twilight” fan and heard that Ben Franklin was a member of Team Edward.

On a more serious note, vampires do not run the Red Cross (that I know of…I haven’t seen every employee in sunlight or noticed if anyone looks unusually pale). Each pint of blood you so generously donate can save up to 3 lives. Consider finishing out the holiday season with a bang and give another gift that saves the day! (And doesn’t go to feed hungry vampires, we promise.)

Donate blood today. Ben Franklin would want it that way.


2 responses to “So a Ninja and Ben Franklin Walk Into an Elevator…

  1. Hey guys!

    This block is from a comic called Dr. Mc Ninja. You can find the whole shebang online at


    Santa Cruz County Chapter

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