Last Minute Gift Idea List!

The days always seem to peel off the calendar at warp speed in December and all of a sudden we realize, “Holy smokes! Christmas is in THREE DAYS!” It happens every year and every year I personally find it shocking to look at the little mouse in my Advent calendar from my grandma and realize he is tucked into the last row of pockets.

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Some of us (not you, I know) have even put off our Christmas shopping and are starting to break out into a panicked sweat at the thought of having no choice but to go to Rite Aid or a gas station for Christmas gifts. (It’s lottery tickets and beef jerky from Santa again this year, kids!) Well, we simply wouldn’t let that happen.

Here is a snazzy list of things you can buy from right where you’re sitting, with just a few clicks of the mouse (not the one in the Advent calendar) and give the gift that saves the day not just for you but for others around the world.

1. Provide a bicycle for a Red Cross volunteer in a remote part of the world so that they can bring peace and hope to people caught in isolation.

2. Give a phone card to a military service member so that they can call home and tell their mom, “Merry Christmas. I’m safe. I love you.”

3. Wrap blankets around children who escaped their burning house in nothing but a nightgown and socks.

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Not quite what you were thinking? Want something your family or friends can really get their hands on? I suggest a training course! Register online right now for classes such as (but not limited to):

1. A Babysitter Training course — perfect for your preteens who are looking to make some extra cash!

2. A CPR and First Aid training course — the epitome of the gift that keeps on giving.

3. A Pet First Aid class — for the dog or cat lover in your family…we all have one.

We here at our Red Cross chapter are signing off till after the holidays. Have a wonderful holiday season, love those around you well, and may you be filled with joy and peace!


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