Run for the Red Cross in 2010!

In 2010, as greater Grand Rapids gears up for the biggest 25k road race in the country, the Red Cross will be at the starting line.

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That’s right, this year, the American Red Cross of Greater Grand Rapids has been selected as one of 10 Charity Partners for the Fifth Third River Bank Run! This means a whole lot of wonderful opportunities to educate our community about our mission but it also means that you, our fit and active supporters, can RUN FOR RED CROSS! You can select to run for the Red Cross and raise money through pledges from family and friends. Whether you run or walk the 5k or are stretching your limbs for the 25k, you can raise funds that will help turn lives in crisis into lives of hope right here in our neighborhoods.

Keep an eye out in the new year for more information — we’ll be posting all sorts of information for you, along with resources you can use as a runner for the Red Cross.

(Maybe you should start stretching now…May 8th is a lot closer than you think.)


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