Today, I Met a Hero

Maybe you’ve seen it in the news.  There was a fire on the northeast side of Grand Rapids today, in which a house was made completely uninhabitable.  Some of the family members were at home, and the father rushed back into the smoke to save the lives of two of his children.

I was a member of the Disaster Action Team that met with this family to provide them assistance with food and clothing.  My team was sitting with the family and their friends in a room near the television when the story about the fire came onto the news.  The news story described how the father had rescued his children from the burning house and given CPR to the family dog.  His decisive action meant that everyone in the family survived; his humility testified to his courage and love.

When the news story was finished, everyone in the room began applauding this hero sitting across from us at the kitchen table.  We sat together and celebrated the extraordinary gift of life  – a gift that persists even in the midst of disaster.

Image by Chris Clark from the Grand Rapids Press (on mlive).


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