Local AmeriCorps Meet Red Cross Royalty

Okay, okay, so not really royalty, but CEO and President Gail McGovern is as close as you get. (Unless Clara Barton suddenly appears, à la “A Christmas Carol” fashion of the ghost of Red Cross Past.)

Two of our AmeriCorps Together We Prepare members, Ben and Liberty, had the privilege to attend a conference of leaders in the public and private nonprofit sectors in Detroit last week. One of the members of the panel was the Red Cross’ own Gail McGovern. Others on the veritable “who’s who” list included the head of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Jim Wallis of Sojourners, the president of the WalMart Foundation, and more.

After a rousing panel discussion, Ben and Liberty, along with Jordan, our AmeriCorps director and Ryan, the emergency services director from the East Shoreline chapter in Bay City, got to chat with Gail and proclaimed her down-to-earth, funny, inspiring, and kind.

1 004

There’s some true Red Cross kinship! Isn’t it a beautiful thing?


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