Oh Baby, What a Photo!

As I am due to be a first-time aunt any day now, I definitely have babies on the brain. Here at your local Red Cross, we are also in the midst of picking out photos for our holiday cards this year. As I am looking through the Red Cross photo library, I am getting utterly doused with photos of adorable tots that Red Cross has assisted over the years. (This is not helping, as my niece is not due for another week, and I am NOT a patient person.)

So, today, in my overly-excited, auntie-to-be state, I give you “Cute Kids of the Red Cross.” (And cue the “awwwww…”s.)


This little cutie stayed at a Red Cross shelter during the June 2008 flooding in Indiana.


Who else just wants to (gently) squeeze this little one's cheeks?


There is a general consensus in the office that this little guy, staying at a Louisiana shelter, looks like me as a toddler. (I don't know what to think of that since this is a boy...and I am not. Hmmmm.)

Want to “oooh” and “ahhh” at more pictures? Check out the Red Cross Flickr account (both the National organization’s and ours).

Have little ones that you want to protect? Have you taken Child/Infant CPR? Or is your “little one” all grown up now and eligible for Babysitter Training or youth volunteering? Lots of options to choose from!


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