Tulips are good for the soul

As part of our AmeriCorps term of service, we participate in a service project each month, usually working outside the American Red Cross with another organization.  For our October Service project, one of our members found a volunteer needs posting entitled “tulip planting.”  So we piled into a van and made our way to Holland, to the Evergreen Commons Senior Center.  The West Michigan weather decided to smile on us for a day, and we moved dirt, spread mulch, planted bushes, and planted tulips to a blustery wind and an indian summer sun.

It felt so good to spend the day moving, to watch our hard work met with tangible results.  Comradarie + sunshine + hard work = getting outside yourself and seeing the beauty in the everyday.   We got to know some of the regular volunteers who give up their time so generously  We planted over thirty bushes, hacking through old roots to dig the holes.  We threw dirt clods at each other.  And at the end of our work, we took a walk in the woods and climbed a monstrous sand dune.

We often live in worlds that are too confined; take the time to move outside of yourself.   Rake your neighbor’s leaves.  Provide vaccinations for children around the world.  Bake bread for a family member.  Help out with disaster relief.  Jump into something with your whole being.


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