Own a Bit of Red Cross History

We’re thrifty folks here at the Red Cross — we reuse paper clips, turn off lights in the copy room, and print on both sides of paper. (I suppose that makes us “green” too!) Over the past year, we have been taking every cost-cutting measure we can think of to make sure as much of our funding goes to our programs as possible. We’re pretty good at it too — on average, 90 cents to the dollar goes back into our community.

Image courtesy of the New York Times

Image courtesy of the New York Times

However, our chapter only learned from the best — the National American Red Cross is taking an creative step to funnel some much-needed funds into our organization.

They are holding an online auction of select Red Cross memorabilia!

This not only generates funds, but it saves us money on storage of the items too — to the tune of $3 million a year!

Want to own your own piece of Red Cross history? You can — in February, the auction will take place online through Heritage Auctions. Read more about this auction in the article that ran in this past Saturday’s New York Times.


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