Registering “Safe and Well” for Victims of American Samoa Earthquake/Tsunami

The American Red Cross is urging anyone who has family or contacts in American Samoa to register “Safe and Well.”

After a 8.0 earthquake erupted yesterday, causing a tsunami that has hit American Samoa, the American Red Cross is responding quickly. The Red Cross is currently setting up operations to assist the people of American Samoa, an estimated 15,000 affected.

For local families with ties to American Samoa, the Red Cross “Safe and Well” program offers a place to search for people who have registered as “safe and well,” as well as a place to register if you are in a disaster-affected area. People wishing to use this service may visit, or call 1-800-RED-CROSS.

To make a donation to the Disaster Relief Fund, click here.

To read a full account of the work being done by the International Red Cross and Red Crescent throughout the Asia-Pacific area, click here.


13 responses to “Registering “Safe and Well” for Victims of American Samoa Earthquake/Tsunami

  1. It is fortunate that it has not been as catastrophic as the 2004 tsunami but lives have still be lost. Tragic.

  2. Thank you for all you do!
    There is so much we can all do!

    We are also partnering with many organizations and trying to help our brothers and sisters.

    LoHI is putting out an urgent request for funds to assist those children
    and families who have been affected by typhoon Ketsana. Our work in the
    Philippines is newly established and we have a great opportunity to impact the lives of many with our care and love.

    Please contribute by signing on to our website
    Your donations are tax deductible. Please mark your gift to “Philippines.”

    I you would like to send a check, send to LoHI, PO Box 3145 Irmo, SC

    Lets make a difference by spreading the word.

    These are the worst/saddest images taken from the 2009 Philippine
    storm/flood Tropical Storm Ketsana. 106 dead and missing so far.

  3. 1.Aq pgn jd orang yang berguna bagi smua. 2.keinginanQ hanya ingin bertemu sma ortuQ so’dr kecil aq blum prnah mrasakan ksh syng dr mrka,,,bkane aq menghrapkan tp it tergantung sm kwjibane dy gmn jd ortu yg baik ,aq cman bs berdoa aj

  4. hidup hnya skali gunakanLah dngn sbaik mungkin ‘n jngn se”kali menyia”kan kesempan krna itLah kunci menuju kemenangan

  5. hidup hnya skali gunakanLah dngn sbaik mungkin ‘n jngn se”kali menyia”kan kesempata
    n krna itLah kunci menuju kemenangan

  6. hidup hnya skali gunakanLah dngn sbaik mungkin ‘n jngn se”kali menyia”kan kesempatan krna itLah kunci menuju kemenangan

  7. aq pergi kbandung untuk cari kerja bkn untuk jallan-jallan karna aq bakal berkLuarga maka dr it aq mulai skrng membangun kluarga dr dini mezki bLum merit alangkah baeknya bekerja dhulu….

  8. fetulele papalii

    i am looking for my uncle siaki papalii also goes by the name or jack. he was last heard going to pago pago in american samoan if anyone knows him or of his where abouts and if he is okayu or not please i am begging you please contact me my family and i are so worried about him and would like to know what has happened to him!!!!!!

  9. Fetulele, the Red Cross encourages use of our “Safe and Well” service for exactly this kind of situation.

    You may go online to, and search for your uncle. If he has not registered yet, he may still yet — the Safe and Well database is constantly being updated as the Red Cross staff on the ground makes contact with people in American Samoa.

    Good luck with your search and we hope, as the Red Cross, we can be of assistance to you and your family.

  10. In our country, togetehr with local red cross or red crescent, usually our mass media and some political parties also initiate the humanity programme helping the victims.

    The recent earthquake in Andalas (Sumatera) Island, as some analyst said, was also influenced by Samoas one. I hope the mitigaion and recovery process going well for both of them.

  11. tragic and sad. how can you fight a Tsunami?

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