Offering a Hand, Disaster-Relief Style

This weekend, many people were out and about, perhaps enjoying the excitement of ArtPrize or the paper airplane drop downtown, or simply soaking up the last warm weather we’re likely to see this autumn.

But for a local Sparta family, it was not a weekend to celebrate or enjoy. It was a time to mourn a home destroyed by fire, and lives not only drastically changed, but lost.  The couple had to face the loss of 8 cats, 1 dog, and a fish aquarium in the fire. For all us pet lovers out there, we know that losing pets is just as devastating as losing family. Our volunteers, Jason and Kate, were there to help, providing food and comfort kits for the family, as they arranged another place to stay.

For our neighbors to the south, the American Red Cross of Ottawa County (follow them on Twitter, why don’tcha), they have been wrapped up as a part of the Holland Flood Relief Task Force, providing necessary assistance to low-income families who are still reeling from all of the flooding that took place through Ottawa County this past summer.

(Thanks to the Grand Rapids Press for this photo.)

Even in the face of disaster, when little can seem a comfort, there is always the strength that the sight of the Red Cross brings — transforming lives in crisis to lives of hope.


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