AmeriCorps Great Stories, part one

We AmeriCorps, as part of our reporting duties, are on the lookout for great stories to write down at the end of each month.  We have quite a few stories piled up by now, and I thought it was time to tell them – that’s what great stories are for, after all.  The first one comes from my own log of stories. 

There are two volunteer in our office that I will call George and Mary.  Both George and Mary have some developmental disabilities, but they give their time cheerfully to help with the upkeep of our facility.

One day I was in the kitchen with George, and Mary came in to do some cleaning.  I learned in the course of the conversation that Mary was very concerned about George getting wet in the rain.  George comes into the office on the bus, and because of our gray Michigan weather, he often waits for the bus in the rain.  Mary saw him in the downpour one afternoon, and the next time George came into the office, she presented him with a gift.  He now has an umbrella to keep him dry.

“Great” acts have more to do with greatness of heart than anything else.  And these are the kinds of acts that change the world.


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