National Preparedness Month — and GO!


Today is September 1st. This signifies what?

a) The day that the Hogwarts Express leaves Kings Cross Station (at exactly 11 o’clock, mind you), carrying Harry, Ron, and Hermione off to Hogwarts (it’s leaving in 19 minutes…hurry up!)

b) The first day of National Preparedness Month!

c) Birthday of Barry Gibb, one of the BeeGees (“Ah, ah, ah, ah, stayin’ alive, stayin’ alive…”)

d) All of the above!


You guessed it — all of the above. (I wish I could say I only knew choice A because I Googled it…but admittedly, that’s not true. Don’t laugh. I *did* have to Google choice C.)

Anyway, it’s National Preparedness Month! To celebrate the right way, check out these nifty podcasts for each step of becoming Red Cross Ready!

Step #1: Get a kit.


Step #2: Make a plan.


Step #3: Be informed.



One response to “National Preparedness Month — and GO!

  1. It’s almost that time again! My goal is to get at least 5 people disaster-ready this month.

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