BOO! Haunt for a Good Cause!

(Made ya look…)

We are looking for volunteers in the Greater Grand Rapids area with a flair for drama and an enjoyment of hiding in cornfields in order to jump out and scare the pants off of innocent bystanders.

Sound like you?

Well, terrific! The Witch’s Walk Haunted Cornmaze (on Fruit Ridge, just off of 6 Mile) is holding two “Red Cross Nights” on October 9th and 10th, where $1.00 from each ticket sold will go to our chapter! (Great deal, right? We think so too!)

The catch is this: we supply the “spooks” in the fields. This means we need 10 to 12 volunteers for each night who will dress up in cloaks, and be strategically placed around the cornmaze in order to most effectively terrify the cornmaze visitors.

**Note: You don’t have to be a registered Red Cross volunteer for this project, so feel free to volunteer and bring your friends, whoever you are!

Interested? Call Amanda at (616) 456-8661 ext. 3610 or email her at to get more information and sign up today!


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